"They treat your pet like it was their own."
Joe ~ Hillsborough NJ

A Rich History Of Providing Quality Pet Care

As you may know, Pioneer Pet Care is a facility of its own caliber. State of the art airflow and sanitation systems make us all but ordinary. Our uniqueness, however, does not end there. Pioneer Pet Care is much more than a facility. It is much more than a business. Pioneer Pet Care is a family passion and lifestyle that has been passed down through the generations.

Vince never dreamed his desire to care for animals at the age of 10, would turn into what it has today. After many years of farming, studying, and 11 years experience working side by side with some of the top vets in the field, Vince decided to design and build the Pioneer Pet Care facility and family home, with his own hands, in 1979. Along with his wife Pat, the husband and wife team devoted everyday of their lives to setting the standard for Pioneer’s superior animal care over the next 35 years. In that time, their children grew up admiring their parents’ hard work and sacrifice and most of all, their love and dedication to attend to each pet’s individual needs and well being. 

Enthusiastically carrying on the commitment of one-on-one, personalized care, is their daughter, Tara, and son-in-law, Jack, who purchased the home and business in 2014. The old saying “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” rings true. From the time Tara learned to read, she enjoyed spending time reading to our furry guests on an individual basis. We had our own family dogs too, of course, but Tara cared just as much about our guests as her own best friends, making sure to share her reading time evenly. Tara’s compassion grew with her education and experiences. She later graduated with honors and chose to pursue the family lifestyle of animal care. Jack, like Vince, also had a life-long desire to care for animals. Jack’s life experience, professional grooming skills, and natural ability to connect with animals is exceptional. There are a combination of attributes that ensure your pet is in the best of hands at Pioneer Pet Care: hearts full of compassion, grooming expertise, lifetime experiences in professional animal care, and degrees in Animal Science and Nursing are what makes Pioneer Pet Care the best choice for your furry family member.

Furthermore, we understand that getting to know your pets’ caregivers is of great comfort to you. We are confident that meeting us will help to alleviate your concerns, while assisting in your decision to choose the best care provider for your pets.  We will be happy to spend some time answering any questions you may have, while taking you on an informative tour of our facility. Additionally, it is a great opportunity to discuss your pets’ distinct needs, likes/dislikes and daily routine. Schedule an appointment to learn how Pioneer Pet Care makes your pets’ stay-cation as easy and stress-free as possible, not only for your pet, but for you as well. Our family is looking forward to meeting your family soon!


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